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When fame got into Atom’s head, see what he said…and trolls got him

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One thing about Ghanaian artistes is the fact that when they get to the top, they begin to see “Haters”.

They won’t be able to see them until they get to some certain stage and that was what Hiplife musician, Atom demonstrated yesterday on his Facebook page.

Lucky for him, his award-winning song called “Y3 Wo Krom” found itself on the international mainstream market this week. Apple, the world’s most popular digital company played the song which won the 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards “Hiplife Song of the Year” award at their 2016 World Wide Developer’s Conference held in San Francisco, California
At the close of their presentation, Apple looked to West Africa to soundtrack the exciting changes, playing a snippet from Atom’s 2015 hit “Y3 Wo Krom”.

This got everyone praising him including the media.

But guess what? After the news broke, he took to his Facebook page to jab those he describes as ‘haters’ — instead celebrating his success.

He wrote: “Haters are confused as to how my song was used at the Apple Developer Conference In USA. Na God do am!!!. Watch it for urself”.

And trolls on Ghanaweb were like “Hey! What are you talking about?” So they roasted him!

Check out their smashing comments below.

Comments on Atom’s statement

Comments on Atom’s statement

Comments on Atom’s statement

Comments on Atom’s statement

Comments on Atom’s statement

Comments on Atom’s statement

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