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When did D-Bando pass away?

D-Bando passes away
When did D-Bando pass away?

American hip-hop musician and producer D-Bando, whose real name is Darale Oband, has passed away.

The Houston-native is admired by many, especially the people from his hometown.

Before passing away, he left an emotional message on his last Instagram video.

In the post, Bando expressed his desire to succeed in life, at times putting the needs of others above his own self-interest.

He captioned a video he shared on his Instagram page: “I’ve took the backseat to let my team be in the front that shows alot about my character!!! I’ve stepped down to let others step up. #IWANTUSALLTOWIN.”

Bando was signed to 1st Class Music Group\CBS Entertainment, D-Bando Productions and CANT BE STOPPED, INC.

He released four music albums, Doubted 3, Can’t Be Stopped 4, 8 Days, Doubted, Purpose, The Masterminds, and Stuck Inside, before his death.

Details about his wife and children are not known. Bando attended Barbara Jordan High School and studied at Texas Southern University

When did D-Bando pass away?

D-Bando passed away on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. The news of his passing broke via social media.

D-Bando cause of death

Details of the cause of D-Bando’s death haven’t been made public by his family.

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