What was Darlene Love biggest hit?

Darlene Wright, better known by her stage name Darlene Love, was born in the United States on July 26, 1941. She sang lead with the Blossoms as well as made solo recordings.

Her younger sister Edna Wright performs as the lead vocalist for the band Honey Cone. She grew up mainly in Los Angeles but also spent some time in Texas. As a preacher’s daughter, she grew up listening to gospel music and was a devout member of her church.

When Wright was ten years old, she enrolled in the local church choir in Hawthorne, California. During practice, the choir’s director, Cora Martin-Moore, saw her. After singing for Martin-Moore, she was asked to go to the Music Mart, where she sang and did some broadcasts.

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What was Darlene Love biggest hit?

Her greatest hit is “He’s a Rabel”. The Crystals’ second album, He’s a Rebel, was also the second LP in Phillie’s catalog when it was released in 1963.

This was an attempt to capitalize on Gene Pitney’s monster hit “He’s a Rebel,” which reached the top spot in the US charts in 1962.

The Blossoms, who featured Darlene Love on lead vocals, actually recorded the song under the name The Crystals.

The withdrawn single “He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss)” by the “genuine” Crystals ensemble stands out among other songs on the album.

Actually, Twist Uptown, The Crystals’ debut album, was repackaged here.

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The song “He’s a Rebel” and its follow-up “He’s Sure the Boy I Love” (which peaked at number eleven in the US and was also recorded with The Blossoms) were substituted for two of the album’s original eleven tracks.

While “He Hit Me” was added as the twelfth track, The US album chart for He’s a Rebel peaked at #131.