What TV show does Morgan Freeman narrate?

Morgan Freeman is a well-known American actor and entertainer. He has appeared in a number of films as an actor, director, and narrator. Morgan is an award-winning actor who has appeared in a number of international films in leading roles.
Morgan did not begin acting until his late thirties, but he has had a successful career since then. He has appeared in a number of films and television shows, as well as at a number of international events. Among his films and television shows are Bruce Almighty, Bucket List, Seven, Now You See Me, Going in Style, Lean on Me, Lucy, Angel Has Fallen, Million Dollar Baby, Olympus Has Fallen, and The Dark Knight.

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In 2008, Freeman was cast in the action-thriller Wanted, a loose adaptation of Mark Millar and J. G. Jones’ comic book miniseries. Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is a frustrated account manager who discovers he is the son of a professional assassin and decides to join the Fraternity, a secret society led by Sloan (Freeman). Principal photography took place in Chicago, and co-star rapper Common commented on the set vibe: “Freeman is a pleasant individual. He’d walk around laughing, singing, and dancing. Artists, you know, are free, and I just felt it in him.” The film received generally positive reviews, with Peter Howell of the Toronto Star praising it as unique and one of Freeman’s most daring performances to date.

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Freeman narrated The Love Guru (2008)¬†before reprising his role as Lucius Fox in The Dark Knight (2008), the second installment of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. After an eighteen-year absence, Freeman returned to Broadway in 2008 to co-star with Frances McDormand and Peter Gallagher in Clifford Odets’ play The Country Girl, directed by Mike Nichols.

What TV show does Morgan Freeman narrate?

Netflix has released a trailer for their upcoming Our Universe, in which Morgan Freeman narrates the story of how our planet came to be and how the creatures that live on it have shaped its past, present, and future.

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