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What to anticipate in the days leading up to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

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What to anticipate in the days leading up to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

For many years, the British government has been preparing a comprehensive plan for what would occur following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

It was a closely-kept secret with the codename Operation London Bridge and a long list of sub-operations outlining plans for the various parts of the scheme.

Plans were widely covered by British media following the queen’s passing on Thursday.

The 10 days between Queen Elizabeth II’s demise and her state funeral are outlined below, with the caveat that nothing is finalized until Buckingham Palace confirms it and that it may change:

The government’s strategy for the days following Queen Elizabeth II’s dying uses the terms D-Day or D+0 to designate the day of her death.

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D-Day was moved to Friday because the news of her passing was made public so late on Thursday, about 6:30 p.m. local time, according to Britain’s PA news agency.

King Charles III and his wife Camilla, who is now the Queen Consort, will visit London once more on Friday.

The bells of Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul’s Cathedral will ring, and there will be cannon salutes in London’s Hyde Park and the Tower of London, with one round fired for each year of the queen’s reign.

King Charles is scheduled to address the nation through television at around six o’clock local time, and the prime minister along with other guests will attend a memorial service at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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Friday at noon local time, the House of Commons in Britain is scheduled to meet for a 10-hour special session during which lawmakers will honor the monarch.

Senior parliamentarians will swear allegiance to King Charles III during a rare Saturday meeting, according to PA, after which tributes will last well into the evening.

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