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What is Tiger Woods medical condition? Latest on Tiger Woods health

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods continues to make giant steps in his recovery from the injuries he suffered in a late-February car crash.

Woods suffered major injuries to both legs which needed emergency surgery.

The 45-year-old has had a long road to recovery. He had back surgery for the fifth time in late December of 2020 before he was involved in the car crash two months later. 

What is Tiger Woods medical condition?

Woods is still not fully recovered but has been putting in the work.

He has been seen playing golf in his backyard and playing short-game competitions with his son.

Through the grind, Woods had said the practice sessions is very difficult as he works his way back to the course again. 

What is the latest news on Tiger Woods health?

Tiger Woods is excited to be getting closer to recovery but plays down expectations surrounding his potential return to the golf course.

“Although it’s been a long and challenging year, I am very excited to close it out by competing in the PNC Championship with my son Charlie,” Tiger said on his Twitter account when announcing he would tee it up. “I’m playing as a Dad and couldn’t be more excited and proud.”

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