Saweetie Meal: What you should know about Saweetie Meal at McDonald’s

The Saweetie Meal
The Saweetie Meal

In July 2021, McDonald’s signed a Famous Orders deal with two-time Grammy nominee and rapper Saweetie. The deal enlists the Bay Area-native on McDonald’s envious influencer brand meal list.

She couldn’t hide her feelings when the deal was done and dusted. Expressing her excitement about the agreement, Saweetie told Forbes that: “I’m super excited. It’s like the best feeling ever. I know McDonald’s will never turn its back on me. I can always go to McDonald’s and order a Saweetie Meal.”

Saweetie, who is famous for remixing McDonald’s meals on social media, indicated that the burger brand discovered that she genuinely loved their meal.

“I think McDonald’s just saw that I genuinely love the meal,” she said. “I’m always remixing their meals on my life. I only really go live when I eat. So, the fact that I’m here right now with these beautiful packages and cartons of Saweetie Meal behind me is like a dream come true. So, just a match made in heaven.”

The first Saweetie meal was made available on August 9, 2021. It came along with a TV commercial and a Saweetstakes.

Since launching the Saweetie Meal, fans have been asking many questions, including what is in the Saweetie meal and how much is the Saweetie meal?

What is the Saweetie Meal?

What is Saweetie Meal? What is in the Saweetie Meal? What is the Saweetie meal at McDonald’s? Or what does the Saweetie Meal have?

The Saweetie Meal is a personal receipt by the 28-year-old rapper. The Saweetie Meal comes with a Big Mac, 4-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium World Famous Fries, a medium Sprite, Tangy BBQ Sauce and “Saweetie’ N Sour” sauce.

How much is Saweetie Meal?

How much does the Saweetie Meal cost? How much is the Saweetie meal at McDonald’s?

Well, the order is available for purchase for $12.69 and to make it a large, add another $1.20.

Where can I buy Saweetie Meal?

The Saweetie Meal is currently available at McDonald’s restaurants across the U.S. It comes in fresh Saweetie-themed packaging.

Is the Saweetie Meal still available? When is the Saweetie Meal end date?

The Saweetie Meal was only available for a limited period. It ended on September 5, 2021.

When is the Saweetie Meal coming back?

McDonald’s and the singer are yet to announce another deal. Keep your fingers crossed.

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