What happened to durag lady Atira Lyons and where is she now?

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While Black Twitter repeatedly goes above and beyond in highlighting Black professionals and Black-owned businesses in the most positive light, it’s just as fast to hold those same brands accountable. This weekend was proof when a small business owner announced the closing of her store.

What happened to durag lady Atira Lyons and where is she now?

Atira Lyons is currently living in California. When Atira Lyons opened the first luxury Durag store at age 20, it was a pivotal moment in business history. The store situated in the Melrose art district gave a high-class feel to a fashion statement most people would never deem “high-end”.

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However, knowing the Durags was a pivotal fashion statement in black culture and the perfect way to make your waves spin, the Atira Lyons Durag store was the perfect sanctuary for people in the California area looking for a high-quality Durag. However, sad news about the future of the store has left many people distraught.

In Calif, Narnia it’s well known that COVID afanyebusinessesofitably of many business, especially those owned by black people. While it’s not confirmed COVID likely has something to do with why Atira Lyons dhigh-endo close the first high end durag store in United States history. It’s also possible that the business just ran its course and wasn’t doing well anymore, or a change in her personal life made running the business not feasible.

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