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What happened to Corpse Husband eye?

What happened to Corpse Husband eye?
What happened to Corpse Husband eye?

In 2020, during a stream, the internet’s latest sensation, Corpse Husband, revealed that he wears eyeliner, a confession that was enough to send the world wide web into meltdown.

The 24-year-old, who hails from San Diego, California, took the entire internet by storm for some weeks.

Ever since he featured on PewDiePie’s Among Us stream months back, Corpse Husband has witnessed an unprecedented rise in popularity.

What happened to Corpse Husband eye?

The YouTube star, Corpse Husband has been fighting chronic eye conditions for quite some time.

His fan base had speculated that he is dealing was with unpleasant jaw conditions and regurgitation

His admission became so popular that #CorpseWearsEyeliner began trending online!

He then explained that he wore an eyepatch and a face mask “24/7” and felt like “Kaneki Ken” with reference to the main character of the Tokyo Ghoul anime series.

In another live stream, he suffers from photosensitivity, claiming that every time he sees the “more than 5 minutes” screen, his eyes “bleed completely and hurt the rest of the day.”

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