What ever happened to Michael Beasley?

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Throughout the history of the NBA, players have exploded onto the scene and disappeared into obscurity. Some players made their name the hard way and have gone from relatively small draft picks to frequent appearances at All-Star games.

The NBA is one of the most competitive sports leagues anywhere in the world. The discipline, commitment and athleticism that is required on an almost 24/7 basis can be difficult for some players to handle.

Michael Beasley was a second-draft pick behind future NBA All-Star Derrick Rose. Online bookmakers will often base a team’s success on their draft picks the following season.

Although bookmakers will offer markets on a wide range of sports, it is essential to remember that you should only gamble as a form of fun. If you begin viewing gambling as a form of income or chasing your losses, you are in serious trouble.

Reaching out to somebody who can help you could help you stop your problem gambling before it begins to cause severe problems in your life.

This year’s touted top draft pick is Victor Wembanyama, who is considered one of the most outstanding prospects in the history of basketball. It would be a stretch to say there was similar excitement regarding Michael Beasley. There is, however, no doubt that he was a particularly gifted player.

Beasley had a stellar college career and the Miami Heat were excited to see him join their roster in 2008. Today, we will look at his career and how it developed over the last decade.

Early career

During his college basketball career, Beasley was considered one of the highest-touted prospects. He is still considered one of the best freshman college players of the early 21st century.

He holds a serious number of records alongside some of the best players of his generation, such as Kevin Durant. Beasley would often shine in such esteemed company and it is no surprise he was drafted so highly in the 2008 NBA Draft.

Several prominent sporting publications in the United States named him the top freshman player that year. The Miami Heat welcomed Beasley into their franchise in 2008 and many fans were extremely excited at what he would bring to their team in the next few years.

Miami Heat

What ever happened to Michael Beasley?
What ever happened to Michael Beasley?

Despite a solid start to his preseason career in Florida and receiving praise from Doc Rivers, one of the great NBA coaches, Beasley failed to find the form that made him such a precocious talent in his earlier years.

Beasley matched his struggles on the court with struggles off the court. He regularly received fines for violating the team’s conduct and policy.

The Miami Heat parted ways with him just two years into his contract, in exchange for salary cap space to bring in players such as superstar LeBron James.

Post-Heat career

Even though Beasley later rejoined the Heat on more than one occasion, his career didn’t have the same sparkle as it did when he first turned professional. Continuing to hit the headlines for the wrong reasons off the court, he found himself bouncing between franchises and not settling.

Many analysts and fans were frustrated and saddened to see such an incredibly gifted player struggle to find his true potential in professional basketball.

His career hasn’t been a failure at all. On the contrary, he has posted great numbers and dominated some games when he has been in form.

However, for somebody who could mix it with Kevin Durant and other players who were the best of their generation, most people feel that he could have achieved much more in the sport.

Modern day

Having played for legendary dynasties like the New York Nicks and Los Angeles Lakers since he left the Heat for the third and final time, Beasley has shown glimpses of that quality he had all those years ago.

Despite his struggles off the pitch, his ability to battle through such difficult times shows that he has a lot of character.

As he heads toward the twilight of his career, many NBA fans and experts want to see him recover off the pitch. Although he may not have hit the heights his talent deserved, he has still achieved a lot more than most in the sport.

There seems to be a false narrative regarding sportspeople who struggle. This doesn’t just apply to basketball either; this is the case across all sports.

These players seem to carry so much weight on their shoulders that they feel they may not be able to reach out or that it may be perceived as a weakness. However, this false narrative couldn’t be further from the truth.

Although there has been heightened awareness regarding people struggling with mental health, more needs to be done. For example, if Beasley had reached out early in his career while battling off-court, his career might have taken a different path.


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