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What did Marilyn Monroe suffer from?

Marilyn Monroe struggle with Mental health disorder
Marilyn Monroe struggle with Mental health disorder

It is well known that mental illness ran in the family of Marilyn Monroe, especially in the women of her family.

Her mother spent most of her life in an institution.

What did Marilyn Monroe suffer from?

Marilyn’s psychiatrist at the end of her life, Dr Ralph Greenson, is said to have suggested to colleagues that Marilyn inherited a lesser form of the mental illness from which her mother, Gladys Baker, suffered.

It has been said that Marilyn appeared to have “two people inside her.”

Marilyn suffered from what is known as Borderline Personality Disorder, symptoms of which include identity issues, addictive behavior, and suicidal behavior.

This disorder most often appears in adults who suffered from feelings of abandonment as a child.

Throughout the last seven years of her life, Marilyn underwent heavy psychiatric evaluation, and became extremely dependent on her psychiatrist, Dr Ralph Greenson, during the last months of her life.

She even saw him on the last day of her life, apparently at her request.

He was very worried about her, worried enough to ask the housekeeper, Eunice Murray to spend the night.

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