What did Dave Coulier do to Alanis Morissette?

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Alanis Nadine Morissette

Alanis Nadine Morissette is a Canadian-American singer, songwriter and actress, who was born on June 1, 1974 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is best known for her confessional songwriting and emotive mezzo-soprano voice.

Alanis became moderately successful in Canada during the early 90s with her melodious voice. She released music that was more commercially successful after moving to Los Angeles.

Alanis released an album in 2020 and continues to release music. She has sold more than 75 million records. Alanis is referred to as the Queen of Alt-Rock Angst in the music industry.

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How old was Alanis Morissette when she dated Dave Coulier?

Alanis Morissette confirmed in 2019 that she dated Dave Coulier in the early 1990s. There is a 15year age gap between the two. This means that Morissette was either 17 or 18 when she dated the then-33 year-old actor.

What did Dave Coulier do to Alanis Morissette?

Dave Coulier, insists that Morissette’s song “You Oughta Know”  is a song that Morissette wrote about him, After they broke up. Alanis however, did not name any names, but agreed that the song was written out of “devastation.”

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