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We paid Kwaw Kese GHC30 million for a concert but he didnt show up – King Lagazee accuses rapper

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King Lagazee, a media personality and event planner from Ghana recounted how Kwaw Kese handled them in the past.

King described the difficulties they encountered when they hired Kwaw Kese for an event in a post seen by

When they approached the rapper for an event in Akosombo, he allegedly charged them 500 million old cedis (5,000 today).

He acknowledged that 300 million cedis (3,000 cedis today) had been given to Kwaw and said the remaining sum would be paid when he showed up for the occasion.

Rapper “Abodam” allegedly did not show up and did not return their calls, according to King Lagazee.

After Kwaw Kese lamented how struggling artists are in the music business, he made this revelation.

Lagazee continued by saying that an artist who behaves in this way will never succeed in the business.

King Lagazee writes: “Kwaw Kese myself and my brother Edward Quaye contracted you for a show in #Akosombo in December 2006. You charged 50 Million and we paid you 30 million and the agreement was you to come on the day of the show and we pay you the rest.

You never showed up and Akosombo people hustled us for their money’s back and we lost everything. You never picked our calls nor pay back our money and because we were young at that time, so we let it slide.

You can never survive in this industry for such behavior. #Edward always tell me to forget but people like you will face judgement at JAH time trust me.”

Kwaw Kese hasn’t made any comment about it yet. We’re following this story with keen interest. Keep an eye here as we update you on this.


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