“We haven’t discussed the topic” – Bruno Fernandes breaks silence on Ronaldo’s exit

Bruno Fernandes, a midfielder for Portugal, says it was a “dream” to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United, but “nothing lasts forever” United and Ronaldo have mutually terminated Ronaldo’s contract.

Ronaldo’s condition has not disturbed Portugal’s players, argues Fernandes, who open their World Cup campaign on Thursday against Ghana.

“We haven’t discussed the topic – we are all focused on the national team and the World Cup,” Fernandes said.

Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United was precipitated by a contentious interview in which the 37-year-old attacked the club and stated that he had “no respect” for manager Erik ten Hag.

“You are aware of how vital it is for Cristiano and all of us to play for Portugal,” Fernandes continued. It is every player’s aspiration. The national team is our exclusive concern, and we are all aware of what we must do.

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“I don’t feel uncomfortable. It was an honor and a dream to play with Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo has always been an inspiration to me, and it was a pleasure to play with him at Manchester United, but we all know that nothing is permanent.

“It was enjoyable while it lasted, but regardless of whether we agree with his decision, we must accept it. “We know it might be difficult to make decisions but these must be for the best of our families.”

Fernando Santos, the manager of Portugal, repeated Fernandes’ remarks, stating, “It hasn’t even been addressed [Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United]. During our time together, nobody mentioned this. There has never been a discourse about the matter.

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“The players are free to pursue their own interests, but they are aware that they must remain concentrated in order to win this competition.

“You have witnessed what has transpired in the first few games, which have been filled with unexpected outcomes. It is vital that we leave a legacy.