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Was Olivia Newton-John’s sister in Grease movie?

Olivia Newton-John

According to a statement from her husband, Australian singer Olivia Newton-John passed away on Monday (August 8).

Her wholesome beauty and breathy voice made her one of the biggest pop stars of the 1970s and she charmed generations of viewers in the hit movie Grease. She made her untimely departure at age 73.

Her sister, Rona, has been the subject of numerous inquiries regarding her involvement in the hit film.

Was Olivia Newton-John’s sister in Grease movie?

Australian actress Rona Newton-John, the only biological sister began her career as a model before landing a number of small acting roles, including appearances on The Benny Hill Show (1969), UFO (1970), and the UK film “The Same Skin” (also known as Brotherly Love (1970)).

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However, she wasn’t part of the crew that starred in the Grease movie.

As Danny and Sandy, John Travolta, and Olivia Newton-John were featured in the award-winning movie.

By the late 1970s, Newton-John was a well-known singer due to a string of successful country and soft-rock songs. She rose to a new level of fame thanks to her co-starring role with John Travolta in (Grease ) arguably the most well-known musical film of all time, in 1978.

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