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Was a fifth plane targeted on 9/11? United Flight 23 crew raises serious questions

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A potentially groundbreaking revelation has been brought to light following a six-month investigation by TMZ, as United Flight 23’s crew alleges that their aircraft was also targeted by hijackers on 9/11. The flight attendants and pilot of the 767 aircraft claim that six passengers raised their suspicions before takeoff from JFK at 9 AM, with one individual believed to have been a man disguised as a woman.

However, the flight was forced to return to the gate due to the closure of JFK after the World Trade Center was hit. Witnesses on the ground saw two uniformed individuals running in the passenger cabin, causing alarm to the FBI who discovered that the hatch from the belly to the cabin was open. The flight attendants were later interviewed by the FBI and asked to identify the passengers.

Further evidence was found when box cutters were discovered in the first-class seat pockets of a 767 parked next to United 23. Although that plane was not scheduled to take off at the critical time, the pilot of United 23 believes the box cutters were meant for their aircraft, leading to speculation that a fifth plane may have been targeted.

The documentary, titled “TMZ Investigates 9/11: The Fifth Plane,” will feature interviews with the United dispatcher, a member of the 9/11 Commission, and others. The documentary will air tonight at 9 PM ET on FOX. This discovery could potentially shift the narrative around the tragic events of 9/11, prompting further investigation and questioning of the events that took place.

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