Video: Moesha Bodung having an intimate moment with Davido


We all have admirers and when we have the opportunity to meet them, we take advantage of having a little bit fun with them.

Well. women, in particular, do not joke when it comes to their secret admirers. They take advantage when they have an opportunity to come very close to them.

Such is the story of Instagram star girl, Moesha Bodoung.

The “Actress” who has a “crush” on Davido finally met her crush and she could not but have a special intimate moment with him in the club.

In a video shared by her colleague Instagram star, Princess Shyngle with the caption “Chaiiiiii my girl with her special somebody @moeshaboduong does anyone recognize the guy,” Moesha is seen having a very nice time with Davido and she cannot hide her joy of meeting him personally.

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