VIDEO: John Cena storms Oscars 2024 stage naked to present award

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On Sunday, March 10, 2024, at the Oscars, John Cena actually gave it all away.

The wrestler made a hilarious appearance when he presented the best costume design award during the program while standing on stage wearing nothing at all.

Cena showed up on stage at the most important Hollywood event of the year, nearly completely nude.

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the program, introduced the skit by giving a brief overview of Oscar history and making a reference to the 1974 ceremony, in which a streaker rushed across the stage. “Can you imagine if a nude man ran across the stage today?” said Kimmel. Would that not be absurd?

Cena informed Kimmel that he no longer wanted to “do the streaker anymore” when he peered out from the corner of the stage.

This is a complicated event. Sincerely, for putting forth such a ridiculous notion, you should be ashamed right now, Cena complained. “Men’s bodies are not toys!”

Kimmel argued that Cena, a well-known professional wrestler for the WWE, does nude wrestling. The response from Cena was, “Dude, I don’t wrestle naked.” “In jorts, I wrestle!”

“Naked isn’t better than jorts!” Kimmel said, to laughter from the audience.

At this point, Cena walked to the middle of the platform, covering his privates with a huge winner’s envelope, and the crowd’s mouths dropped open.

“The significance of costumes is immense. “Perhaps the most significant thing there is,” he said as he presented the award.

And with Kimmel’s assistance—who later draped Cena to make him look even less exposed—they announced Holly Waddington as the winner of the Oscar for Best Costume Design for “Poor Things.”

Our source is informed that Cena “was covered in the groin and butt crack area, and the envelope was velcroed to him,” despite seeming to be nude on stage.

Why are security measures in place around Cena’s personal spaces? CNN recognizes the need to make sure there were no FCC violations during the show.

Watch the hilarious moment below.

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