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US tells Israel it won’t participate in Iran response

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Israeli and US forces were successful in shooting down 99% of the drones launched by Iran in a recent attack, according to reports.

The White House has advised Israel against engaging in retaliatory strikes on Iran, stressing that the US will not participate in such actions.

The attack, which occurred overnight, saw over 300 drones and missiles fired at Israel in response to an earlier strike on an Iranian consulate in Syria. Fortunately, Israeli, US, and allied forces were able to intercept and destroy almost all of the weapons before they could cause any major damage.

Senior administration officials revealed that President Joe Biden urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to carefully consider the country’s response to the attack. The US administration believes that Israel came out on top in the exchange, with the majority of the missiles, drones, and cruise missiles launched by Iran being successfully shot down.

US aircraft and naval vessels played a crucial role in intercepting Iranian projectiles during the attack. The Biden administration has made it clear that while they will continue to defend Israel, they will not be involved in any retaliatory actions taken by the country.

The US stance on the matter has faced criticism from some lawmakers, including Ohio Republican Representative Mike Turner, who believes that the conflict is already escalating and requires a response. Former national security adviser John Bolton suggested that the US should support Israel if they choose to target Iran’s nuclear program.

In the aftermath of the attack, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson expressed the intention to push for increased military aid for Israel. The aid package, which has faced delays in the past, is considered essential for Israel’s security and the region’s stability.

Former Deputy Secretary of Defence for the Middle East, Mick Mulroy, emphasized the importance of providing aid to Israel without delay, noting that it is crucial for maintaining regional peace and security. He stressed that US assistance to Israel is not charity but rather a vital component of national defense strategy.

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