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US Congress delegation travels to Taiwan with Pelosi

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US Congress delegation travels to Taiwan with Pelosi
US Congress delegation travels to Taiwan with Pelosi

Twelve days after Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, visited the island, a group from the US Congress has landed in Taiwan for an unannounced visit.

The de facto embassy of Washington in Taipei announced that five members of Congress would be in the country till Monday.

After Ms. Pelosi’s visit earlier in August, China began its largest-ever military drills near Taiwan.

The autonomous island is seen as Beijing’s own renegade territory that needs to be united with the mainland.

If other attempts at unity fail, it thinks a mission involving force may be necessary.

With her arrival earlier this month, Ms. Pelosi became the most senior American politician to visit the island in 25 years.

Beijing is still conducting military exercises close to the island. Taipei reported earlier on Sunday that it had spotted 22 Chinese aircraft as well as six naval vessels in and around the Taiwan Strait.

At the height of China’s military drills, Taiwan charged that its neighbor was attempting to alter the regional order.

In pictures published on Sunday by its foreign ministry, members of the US congressional delegation are shown being met at an airport.

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