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U.S. swimmer Anita Alvarez saved from drowning at World Championship

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U.S. swimmer Anita Alvarez saved from drowning at World Championship

At the swimming world championship, Andrea Fuentes’ prompt response averted a disaster.

Anita Alvarez was performing a solo free routine on Wednesday when the coach for the United States noticed that she was sinking motionlessly to the bottom of the pool.

Fuentes dove in while dressed in full. She dove in after the unresponsive Alvarez, encircled her in her arms, and carried her to the surface, where another person assisted in removing her from the pool.

The two-time Olympian Alvarez had passed out.

Fuentes said, “It was her best performance ever; she really pushed beyond her limits and found them.

Alvarez, who received medical care right away, felt considerably better on Thursday.

“Anita has been examined by medical personnel and will still be kept under observation.

Today she is using to relax since she is feeling much better “The Associated Press was informed in a statement from USA Artistic Swimming.

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