TRUTH Social: How to signup for Donald Trump’s social network

TRUTH Social: How to signup for Donald Trump’s social network

Former US President Donald J. Trump has launched his own social media platform called TRUTH Social ( after social media giants, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, banned him permanently.

Donald Trump was banned from using the three major social media platforms following a series of controversial tweets and Facebook posts on the 2020 US elections.

TRUTH Social

He was banned a few weeks after he failed to secure a second term bid in the 2020 elections.

But he is making a new move to counter the social media giants that banned him from using their platforms because he wants to change the narrative.

In a press statement on October 20, 2020, ex-President Trump announced his readiness to launch a new counter social media platform called TRUTH Social.

He said his new platform will rival “Big Tech companies of Silicon Valley, which have used their unilateral power to silence opposing voices in America.”

“Trump Media & Technology Group (“TMTG”) will soon be launching a social network, named ‘TRUTH Social,’” Donald Trump said in a statement.

How to download TRUTH Social

TRUTH Social is now available for Pre-Order in the Apple App store. TRUTH Social plans to begin its Beta Launch for invited guests in November 2021. A nationwide rollout is expected in the first quarter of 2022.

TRUTH Social

How to signup on TRUTH Social

Those who are interested in joining TRUTH Social may now visit /] to sign up for the invite list.

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