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Transport fares to reduce by 15.3% starting Monday

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Road transportation companies have decreased their fares by 15.3% as of Monday, December 19.

According to a statement from the Road Transport Operators, the action is in line with the recent decline in gasoline prices.

“Following the negotiations and in consideration with the plight of drivers, commuters, and the general public, we have resolved to reduce the existing transport fares by 15.3%,” the statement added.

The percentage of reduction, according to the announcement, was decided after discussions with important stakeholders.

In order to enable the seamless implementation of the reduction, drivers and commuters have been advised.

The cost of petroleum products has been declining recently, and it is even anticipated that it will continue to do so.

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Major Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) throughout the nation have begun to lower the cost of gasoline at the pump.

Fentuo Tahiru Fentuo tweets the news: 

The price of gasoline has dropped more than two dollars to $13.40 a litre, according to market leader GOIL.

Additionally, the price of diesel has decreased from 18.86 to 16.10 per litre.

Additionally, fuel is available from TotalEnergies for 13.40 per litre, while diesel costs 15.85 per litre.


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