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Traders at new Kejetia market refuse to close despite board’s directive

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News reaching us at suggest that traders at the Kejetia have defied all odds to go back to their normal working activities.

Traders and transport operators at the New Kejetia Market in Kumasi have vowed to continue their normal activities despite a directive from the market’s board to close the facility for one more week following the recent fire incident.

The traders’ leadership called the decision insensitive and criticized the board and management for not taking proactive measures to prevent the situation.

In a joint statement, they asked several questions about the board’s actions and demanded the removal of the board chairman and managing director.

The traders called on President Akufo-Addo to intervene and expressed their concerns about the Kejetia economy in these difficult times.

They urged all traders and transport operators to come to work on Monday (March 20th, 2023) and wear red bands in solidarity for their protest.



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