Top 5 ways to detect most liked tweets on Twitter in 2024

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It will be exciting to know which of your posts is favored most by the people. Twitter matrices such as hearts, retweets, shares, and comments make the tweet rank. Social media marketing campaigns usually depend on the impressions and engagements it creates.

The more engagement, the more will be your explanation of your social media exposure and the influential rate that, in turn, will result in the growth of your business. Twitter will never automatically show your top tweet. You must do much work instead of just clicking a few buttons.

Let’s explore how to find your most liked video and change your marketing strategy accordingly.

Why Should You Find Your Most Liked Tweet?

Mostly, people are on Twitter for their business purposes. Some are for business purposes. The most common reasons that you should find your most liked tweet, whether you’re a businessman or using Twitter for your purpose, are given below:

  1. To Evaluate Your Growth: Every business needs its evaluation for improvement and expansion. Online evaluation depends on the growth of your account. Whether your account has increased followers, comments, hearts, retweets, etc.

You can also quickly check the growth of your Twitter likes by using social booster services that allow you to gain valuable insights into the progression of your Twitter account’s popularity and engagement, aiding in your overall social media strategy.

  1. Increase Your Engagement: You must know what type of content your followers like and what they want to see. You should then run your marketing campaign accordingly.

Finding your most liked tweet will give you insights into follower preferences, which can help you plan your content.

  1. Fine-Tuning Your Social Media Goals: If you use social media for specific goals, such as promoting a cause, product, or service, understanding what resonates most with your audience can help you fine-tune your messaging and achieve your objectives.
  2. Celebrating Your Growth: Reaching a high number of likes on a tweet can be a milestone worth celebrating. It can serve as a marker of your social media influence and growth. You can also buy Twitter likes to honor your growth earlier.

How Do You Find Your Most Liked Tweet on Twitter?

Top 5 ways to detect most liked tweets on Twitter in 2024
Top 5 ways to detect most liked tweets on Twitter in 2024

Below are the five most common ways to detect the most liked tweet on Twitter.

1. Twitter Analytics

Twitter’s native Analytics Dashboard provides detailed information about your account’s performance. To access it, log into your Twitter account, go to the “More” menu and select “Analytics.” Once there, click “Tweets” to see a detailed breakdown of individual tweet engagement metrics, including favorites. You can indicate your favorite tweets by clicking “Top Tweets” or using the filters provided.

Steps to follow

Sign in to Twitter: Sign in to your Twitter account.

Go to Analytics: Click on the “More” menu and select “Analytics”.

Select “Tweets”: Explore the “Tweets” section to find more detailed engagement metrics.

Sort or remove: Select “Top Tweets” or use filters to sort tweets as desired.

2. Third-Party Analytics Tools

Third-party analytics tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or Buffer offer advanced analytics features beyond Twitter’s core capabilities. Once you sign up and create your Twitter account, these platforms offer a comprehensive analytics dashboard. They reveal your favorite tweets and provide insights into audience size, posting time, and content performance over time.

Steps to follow

Sign up for a tool: Choose a third-party analytics tool and run an audit.

Link a Twitter account: Link your Twitter account to a search tool.

Explore the dashboard: Go to the tool dashboard and find a section dedicated to analyzing tweets.

Analyzing data: Use the available filters and sorting options to identify the tweets that interest you the most.

3. Data Scraping and Analysis

You can use Python and other data scraping techniques and analysis tools with Tweepy to get more hands-on. Setting up a developer account on Twitter gives you access to the Twitter API, allowing you to extract extensive tweet data. Now with the Python libraries, you can analyze this data to identify patterns and find which tweets interest you the most.

Steps to follow

Set up a developer account: Access the Twitter API by setting up a developer account.

Use Tweepy or a similar library: Use Tweepy and other Python libraries for data extraction.

Extract and analyze data: Retrieve tweet statistics, including favorites, and perform in-depth analysis to identify which tweets receive the most engagement.

4. Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter’s advanced search feature allows users to generate multiple types of searches, including through likes. By entering a specific search criteria, such as your username, timeline, or keywords, and then filtering the results with “Top” or sorting with “Most Likes,” you can open your tweets the most famous of which

Steps to follow

Get Advanced Search: Head to Twitter’s Advanced Search.

Configure review settings: Enter your username and any other settings.

Filter Results: Use the “Top” filter or sort by “Most Likes” to display the most interesting tweets.

5. Social Media Marketing

dor SocialFlow make Twitter management and analysis easy. Once you sign up and create your account, these platforms offer dedicated analytics sections where you can easily see which tweets interest you the most. Additionally, they offer features for scheduling tweets, tracking comments, and viewing real-time activity.

Steps to follow

Register with the platform: Choose a social media management platform and create an account.

Connect a Twitter account: Add your Twitter account to the platform.

Explore the Analytics section: Go to the Analytics or Reporting section to explore more detailed engagement metrics.

Identify your favorite tweets: Use the available filters and sorting options to flag your favorite tweets.


Is Twitter Advanced Search an Effective Way to Find My Favorite Tweets?

Exactly! Use Twitter’s advanced search features, and enter your username and relevant criteria. Filter the results by “Top” or sort by “Most Likes” to open your most popular tweets.

Can I See My Twitter Engagement Trends through Analytics?

Yes, analytics tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social provide insights into the performance of tweets over time to help spot trends and better plan your content.

Why Should I Compare the Performance of Different Tweets?

Tools like Buffer can compare the performance of tweets to differentiate between favorites. This knowledge helps you tailor your strategy, focusing on what is most relevant to your audience.

Final Thoughts

Finding your favorite tweets on Twitter is a valuable exercise for individuals and businesses. Understanding which tweets you’re most interested in gives you insight into what audiences want, and helps fine-tune content strategy. It is a barometer for measuring progress, celebrating milestones, and fine-tuning social media goals.

By consistently researching and optimizing your channel based on the tweets you’re most interested in, you can increase engagement, align your content with audience interests, and ultimately increase your social media impact and productivity.

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