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Top 10 most popular Ghanaian songs of 2017


Woti Ati

Hello Ghanafuo,

The music scene this year was great not only because it birth some great new artistes but also some of the oldies made a great impact this year.

We will love that as we travel into a new year, the successes chopped this year will swell. Our list is in no order and has been put together after several considerations by our team at the office of ghanafuo.com.

Now Shall we?

1. One Corner

This song went viral in Africa. It made it to weddings, funerals and any other programme organised in the year under review.  Patapaa Amisty is the face behind this hit track.

2. Hustle

The song became an instant hit just after it was released. The public loved it, social media like it and the world embraced it. Ebony is the name behind this song.

3. Total Cheat

You will fall for “totalli Cheat” anytime you hear the song. Politicians are in love with it, the world has embraced it and it’s doing extremely well. Play this song at any event and even the fly over there will join the dancefloor. Fancy Gadam is behind this hitsong.

4. Ladder

Ladder by Lil Win killed was very popular in Ghan. Even that little kid behind your house knew of the song. The song generated lots of controversies but in the end, Ghanaians enjoyed it to bits.

5. Wo ti Ate

One of the viral songs that 2017 had. Its accompanying dance moves is something you cannot do away with. Gallaxy made this hit.

6. Odo

The boy from Lynx entertainment won the hearts of the girls although some men think the lyrics are lies. Dying for a girl’s love in 2017? But hey! The song is a rave and a jam!!! KiDi is behind this.

8. Angela

Angela was a rave for the year and song to jam to. Your feet trembles anytime it’s been played and Ghanaians never stopped searching for the song. Kuame Eugene is behind this.

9. Jeniffer Lomotey

Kurl songs Jeniffer Lomotey after the controversies it generated became the toast of many in the country. The Krobo bit of the song gave it the needed attention and it got its way into the “beds” of Ghanaians.

10. Taking Over

This song by Shatta Wale and his babies (Militants) was a jam for several months in 2017. They took over radios and TV stations in Ghana.

There are several other and you may disagree with us on some of the songs but that’s our opinion, what is your? Let the conversation continue by telling us what you think.

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Editor at Ghanafuo.com

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