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10 best reactions to Sarkodie’s “Sarkoholics”

Reactions to Sarkodie’s “Sarkoholics”

Since Sarkodie dropped the fan awaited “Sarkoholics”, Twitter hasn’t been at arrest especially when it appeared that some names were missing.

But his true fans ain’t angry — they are rather having fun by making mockery of each other. We have gathered top 10 tweets that would make your day.

Check them out!

1. When Ghanaian bloggers hear he has dropped something.

2. When you didn’t hear your S/O

3. Waiting to hear your name?

4. You missed the action, huh!

5. Next time, bruh!

6. Even ‘Shoalin’ Lilwin was mad

7. Mahama didn’t get S/O this time

8. This is the queue waiting for their S/O

9. His name missing in the roll call

10. When the track is ending and your name is still missing

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