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These paintings of Genevieve, Falz, Mr. Eazi and others by one ‘talented’ Twitter user will make you laugh all day

Just as many talented artists take to social media to share beautiful paintings of celebrities which we all love, this Nigerian Twitter user discovered he also has talent in art. So, he decided to put it into action and drew some of his favourite Nigerian celebritiess.

“So guys I just found out I have a talent which is drawing and I drew a couple of my few Fav Nigerian celebs. I’ll post pics & pls (please) RT(re-tweet) thanks”, the ‘talented’ artist tweeted.

So are you ready to see his paintings? Then check them out below.

1. Our evergreen Genevieve as painted by the talented artist. I can’t laugh

2. Oh hey Falz, your nose is on fleek. Lol
my Fan Art for Falz. @falzthebahdguy pic.twitter.com/m30rD43r7h

3. Oh hi Simi, this talented artist can never forget you. hahaha
Oh hi Simi. I can’t forget you. My Fan art for you b @SympLySimi ❤️ pic.twitter.com/gCNuKmZRc2

4. How dare this guy draw Mr. Eazi like this. Lol
I’m a huge fan of Mr Eazi! My Fan Art for you @mreazi pic.twitter.com/L8SgYjvinE

5. hahaha OMG am weak
my drawing of Star boy himself Wizkid @wizkidayo and his girlfriend @JustineSkye pic.twitter.com/46BQRTZRad

6. My sweet Olamide hayaaa sorry oo bros. This guy wicked sha!!
my drawing of @olamide_YBNL fan art. pic.twitter.com/jmdNPreHKV

7. Am still on the floor Lmao
WHO’S YOUR DADDY! my fan art for you Ycee @iam_YCEE pic.twitter.com/g7qmOHmp1n

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