These fashion trends from Instagram will inspire your style

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IMG 20160523 083321

It’s a new week and as we all plan to go about our daily activities, one thing that becomes a bother, is what to wear- especially for our ladies.Searching for that perfect outfit is sometimes very hectic and takes more time than usually but we are here to help you.
To make it easier for you to choose a perfect outfit, we took the time to select some eye catching styles from Instagram which we believe will help you make a perfect selection from your closet.
Check them below and be inspired;

1.This look is everything sexy and am loving it. A perfect look for any occasion this weekend

IMG 20160523 083158
Look for the weekend

2. Amanda killed it with this one. A good choice for any outing or even the office. You can opt for heels if you don’t prefer sneakers for work.

IMG 20160523 083041
Amanda killed it 

3.This look is simply classy.  And an all round choice for any casual outing.

IMG 20160523 083141

4. You can’t go wrong with a high-waist and sneakers. It works like magic if you want to feel simple and free.

IMG 20160523 083224

5. Gospel singer, Celestine Donkor nailed this look., love it. A perfect choice for work or any offcial meeting. Makes you look smart.

IMG 20160523 113524
Celestine Donkor

6. That backless style is everything. You can choose this look for a gathering with friends/ boo. Simple but speaks volume.

IMG 20160523 113454

7. A simple chick look for any place. You can opt for flats or even a cute sneaker if you want to look smart.

IMG 20160523 113422
You can opt for flats or even a cute sneaker if you want to look smart.

8. We all need to have at least one carwash in our closet, it gives a good look. You can ditch the necklace so you can appear more calm and simple.

IMG 20160523 113436
She looks simple and calm

9. African prints is the new trend. Thinking of  heading to the beach this weekend, this look (without the heels of course) with a hat and sun glasses is the perfect look.

IMG 20160523 083321 1
African prints

10. She’s rocking and we loving her style. Another simple but classy look for an occasion or church this weekend.

IMG 20160523 123351
African lady

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