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These are the text messages you get when you date an educated and civilised lady vs. the one with only birth certificate

I saw this on Facebook today and I decided to share with you. It’s too funny but true.

Read below!

*When you’re dating an educated and civilized woman who has class and ambition, you get texts such as these:*

1. Morning Dear, Hope you had a wonderful night. How are you today? Wake up get ready for work. Dont forget to send your application for the job I told you about yesterday.

2. Yes Darling, I miss you so much, i hope you’re enjoying your day, I am heading out for lunch. Talk later. Take care of yourself. Love you!

3.Yes dear I am at the shop doing grocery for the house, next time I am coming with you.

4.Dont put yourself under pressure my love, i know you will achieve your goal, you have my full support.


1. Morning babe, send me some airtime, plz bae.

2. Hello sweet babez I am coming over for some pizza over lunch? And someone is selling nice perfumes can I take one plz. Luv u xoxoxo much.

3. Hey handsome, buy me data plz. Also wanted to tell you my neighbor is selling skinny jeans, nice shoes from USA and brazilian hair. You will let me know when you are ready to get me these. Loving u lots.

4.Me and my friends want to go to Cafe javas for drinks, I need some money.

5.baby I don’t feel like reading, can we chat pliiiizz.

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