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The transformation! See 7 photos of Bukom Banku’s skin bleaching process

Beforeandafter 1
Bukom Banku before and after

Ghanaian boxer Bukom Banku who is known in real life as Braimah Kamoko has been in the news for many reasons but his latest appearance in the news has left everyone’s jaw dropping. And we are talking about his skin bleaching.
The maverick boxer who recently revealed that his wife motivated him to bleach and also spends an estimated GHC 1,000 on his skin bleaching cream, met the unexpected from Ghanaians. The idea was bad though he is just exercising his freedom of choice.
Today, Ghanafuo.com want to take you through his massive skin bleaching transformation through 7 photos that have hit online. Let’s ride!

1. Before bleaching, Bukom was studly black.

bukom banku
Bukom Banku before bleaching. He looked handsome right?

2. Then the first photo landed online, leaving everyone devastated.

Bukom Banku and his friends got it all wrong.

3. More photos dropped. Online reacted. And he still didn’t care.

As if Bukom Banku cares about all the insults.

4. He came out to reveal he spends GHC 1,000 only on his skin. It’s sounds stupid right?

Ghana’s Michael Jackson.

5. This dude is just adamant and won’t stop bleaching.

Bukom Banku is leaving the life that he deserves. SMH!

6. This got my eyes wide opened.

This is really outrageous. Bukom Banku needs a psychiatrist’s help. 

7. And he even appeared on Joy TV chastising Ghanaians who are against his bad decision.

Banku 1
Bukom Banku is bold and always ready to counter attack.

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