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The Educated Fisherman saga: The dirty nature of Ghanaian politics

Allotey Jacobs – Educated Fisherman

Over the weekend rumours started filtering in that the Central Regional Chairman of the NDC Allotey Jacobs aka “Educated Fisherman” has been arrested for drug related offences and money laundering offences in the UK on board a British Airways flight. Later I got a voice note allegedly from Peace FM, of NPP Communications team member Hopeson Adorye saying with all the confidence, he has him that it was the holy truth.

The British High Commissioner, Jon Benjamin took to his Twitter account to debunk the lies of Mr. Adorye but he was still heard on other platforms affirming his earlier story despite the Mr. Jon Benjamin’s tweet.

The British High Commission later released a statement to debunk the story to clear every doubt around this social media rumour which was spreading like wildfire but the people who started this ‘movement’ still kept their fate and would never change their stance. I was amazed but to tell you the truth, I was not surprised, because there has been instances where the NDC communicators have also gone this ‘childish’ way to achieve whatever political point, they want to score.

Come to think of this, is this the press freedom that the likes of Kwaku Baako, Kwesi Pratt, and Elizabeth Ohene etc. fought for? Or the return to democratic rule Nana Akufo-Addo and the likes of ex-President John Kufuor fought for? It is pathetic the level our politics has been reduced to, where any political ‘Goro boy’ can jump onto social media to tarnish the hard earned reputation of others. I am sad because this culture is unconsciously pushing its way into our political cycles. And we have a lot of young, upcoming politicians who spew “crap” on air and social media and secretly go to beg these same people they insulted, just like the NPP Youth Organizer Sammy Awuku did, as Dr Nyaho Tamakloe revealed to Kafui Dey in an interview on GH One TV.

Few years back when the WikiLeaks report said the NPP Flagbearer is a drug addict, these same people came all out to discredit the WikiLeaks revelation, though WikiLeaks itself never came out to deny it. But these ‘remote controlled’ political errand boys wanted the whole country to disregard the information in this report.

Hopeson Adorye

I will never support the IGP’s decision to block social media during the November 7th elections in Ghana but I’m beginning to see some reason in the security capo’s decision, because we have men without thinking caps like ‘the political Goro boys’ who want to win power and will do everything at any cost to make it possible and a clear example is this ‘Educated Fisherman’s wahala’
I will end this piece by quoting President John Dramani Mahama “Politics they say is a dirty game, but it is we the politicians who make it dirty” and Hopeson Adorye is a typical example of a dirty politician.

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