The concealed dangers of cyberbullies; NY DJ writes

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Kwaw Kese with his former manager, Fennec Okyere

Cyberbullies are everywhere on the internet of late — especially social media platforms. While some show their true identities, others remain anonymous and can hide behind their computers or phones to attack their victims viciously.

Cyberbulying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature

Their cyber attacks may be taken for granted but there can be some seriousness attached to them than we perceive. Like late Fennec Okyere, he didn’t know those threats he received before his death were serious so he failed to report.
Just yesterday, someone hiding behind his/her computer went hard on singer Wiyaala on Ghanaweb for his/her incorporeal political reasons and this raised the alarm of their other sides.

Ebenezer Nana Yaw Donkoh aka NY DJ (Source:

The host of “RYSE N SHYNE” on YFM Kumasi and blogger, Ebenezer Nana Yaw Donkoh popularly known as NY DJ, who first shared the comments on his Facebook TL yesterday (May 29) also knows the other side of cyberbullies and so he decided to enlighten us. He talked about how dangerous their attacks can be and why it’s necessary for most popular websites to moderate comments. According to NY DJ, moderating comments can help bring sanity on the web and that will also help build a better world for our generation.
He had the chance to interview Kwaw Kese’s former manager, Fennec weeks before his sad passing and this is what he has to share with us.
NY DJ wrote; “Last night, I shared a screen shot of an abusive and uninformed comment by an unknown/faceless individual on a Wiyaala story on Ghanaweb.
The post has since generated a lot of interest with many condemning the unknown/faceless individual. A few others however raised concerns that sharing the screen shot only magnified the abuse since it would have only stayed on the site and that the said person is also unknown.
Let me take you back a bit, weeks before the late Fennec Okyere was brutally murdered in his home, I had a live phone interview with him on radio asking if he had reported the threats he was receiving to the police. His response was, “I’m not afraid of faceless individuals”. The aftermath, we all know.
The import, such faceless and unknown individuals DO exist in our society and not out of the world so their utterances must not be tolerated.
I really appreciate the concerns and the fact that we all believe such acts should not be tolerated.
I think it has also been established that it is about time some comments on posts are moderate just as BBC Africa did to Kwame A Plus some time back.
That was indeed my objective as young person. (To raise awareness of the fact that such internet bullies and back thinking individuals exist and will do anything just for politics (I’m sure it’s no news).
Fast forward, I respect all the comments have accordingly taken down the post but I will always stand with the fact that the youth has enough power to make this country and the world at large a better place (Only if Jesus does not return soon). Time to get the youth discuss issues and not just follow the sins of our political fathers.
Errrm, did I really write this? I thought I could only write entertainment news.”

Visit his entertainment website at for interesting entertainment headlines. Don’t forget to report anyone who threatens you on the internet to the police.

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