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The chess side of life (Checkmate)

I love to play chess, so is a newscaster friend of mine who works with arguably the leading media house in Ghana. She visited me and requested we play the brain racking board game before she leaves. I had never played her, so I got nervous because, she has been telling me about her bouts on the board. I had no option than to accept this challenge, we started and brains began to work non-stop, I was making moves and she was countering and vice versa. I must admit,she has a brain that ticks like a time bomb maybe, I am exaggerating how her mind works but trust me, she is extremely smart. I made a move which was intended to make her falter, so I would kill off the game but, hey the move she made after this got me stuck and there was a “checkmate” (when you’re threatened with capture and there’s no way to remove the threat), so she won.
A move
Afterwards, she said, you did well and you’re formidable opposition, you are a good player but you know in this game to be a “top player”, till it’s over, it’s always necessary to get into the mind of your opponent, to make you understand them better, without losing your guard even for a few seconds. You lost your guard and I took it as a blessing and outplayed you.
Relating the game of chess to life, it is always rewarding to be a step or two ahead of your competition.
You should always have a fair idea of the counter moves your competitors are likely to make whenever you decide to make a move and how you can ‘checkmate’ them. People who always win are those who are able to determine their competitors’ moves before they even make that move. In life, there might be some twists, but an old English adage says “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Reading the situation and analyzing them before implementing actions surely guarantees win and it gives you an urge over your competition.
The people you look up to and the business empires you wish one day, yours will be like have always won and stayed at the top all this while because, they view their lives and dealings like the game of chess. Checkmate!
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