Taylor Hawkins casket price and company

Annabelle Hawkins and Parents – Source: usmagazine.com

Hawkins was discovered dead in his hotel room in Bogota on Friday, the same day the Foo Fighters were scheduled to headline Colombia’s Stereo Picnic Festival.

Taylor Hawkins’ bandmate has shared a heartbreaking photograph of the Foo Fighters drummer taken shortly before his death in Colombia.

Oliver Taylor Hawkins was a legendary drummer for the rock band Foo Fighters, with whom he co-wrote nine original songs.

Colombian authorities released the body on Sunday following an autopsy.

Hawkins may have had a heart attack, according to a statement posted by the Secretariat of Health.

Taylor Hawkins casket price

Taylor Hawkins’ body was given back to his bereaved family members, currently, as Colombian police continue to investigate the iconic rocker’s alleged overdose.

His remains was flown in a black casket according to sources yet the price cannot be ascertained currently.

According to reports from several news outlets, his casket which arrived in the U.S. last week costs roughly $14,000.

Taylor Hawkins casket company

The company that produced the casket is also currently unknown.

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