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 Study reveals alarming levels of ‘Akpeteshie’ consumption among ladies in Volta Region

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In a groundbreaking study conducted by the University of Health and Allied Sciences and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST);

It has been discovered that a staggering 66.67% of females in the Volta Region are excessively consuming the local alcoholic beverage known as ‘akpeteshie’.

The research, published this year highlights the concerning trend of ‘akpeteshie’ consumption beyond the recommended limits.

Led by Elvis Nutifafa Agbley, Dr. Fidelis Kpodo, and Dr. Nii Korley Kortei, the study aimed to understand the consumption patterns of ‘akpeteshie’ in the region

The study found that while ‘akpeteshie’ samples showed high levels of iron and copper, which exceeded the allowed standards, methanol or lead had no presence.

While the toxic metal levels did not appear to have adverse health effects on the population, the scientists warned that excessive consumption of ‘akpeteshie’ could lead to an increased risk of liver cancer due to the accumulation of these toxic metals over time.

Furthermore, the research indicated that heavy drinking or binge drinking, especially among females, posed significant risks to cardiovascular health, including an elevated risk of cardiovascular mortality, coronary and peripheral artery disease, heart failure, stroke, hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus, and ischemic heart diseases.

Dr. Fidelis Kpodo and Dr. Nii Korley Kortei emphasized the urgent need for intensified regulatory measures and health promotion efforts to address the alarming levels of ‘akpeteshie’ consumption in the Volta Region.

Their recommendations aimed to raise awareness and prevent potential health problems associated with excessive alcohol intake, particularly among these Volta ladies.

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