Students now trade property to survive

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Due to rising living expenses, hunger is becoming a bigger problem and is affecting students attending postsecondary institutions.

The days of undergrads showing up to class with cash and other household items to demonstrate their affluent lifestyle are long gone.

Many parents and guardians nowadays are unable to maintain a level of life, let alone provide it to their wards or children.

Economy&Lifestyle found that when things become tough, college students are now known to liquidate some of their household electronics and appliances to make ends meet.

Osazuwa Akinola, a student, claims that people who own devices sell them when they need money to pay expenses, while those who don’t buy them when they’re on sale.

“It is really depressing to watch your fellow students suffer to get food and survive in this hard economy,” he remarked.

We are also impacted by the economy, which is not being kind to our parents and guardians.

“In the past, some of my roommates would bring bags of food items and other practical gadgets to help people unwind, but these days, food costs have tripled, so these situations no longer happen.

“Businesses around the school aren’t making things better either. Seeing we are students they believe we have money and increase the prices of goods once it is a student purchasing them.

“They seem to have forgotten that issues affecting the economy also have an impact on us, our parents, and our guardians.Nowadays, a lot of us are forced to spend our spare income on used furniture and appliances, such as beds, refrigerators, cabinets, gas cylinders, and television sets, among other things, from graduating students.”

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