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Rapper Stargo readies debut album “Kafui”

Ghanaian rapper Stargo is set to release his debut album, titled “Kafui”.

The former BBnZ Live record signed artiste has already released a couple of mixtapes but it’s now time for him to give his loyal fans a full album.

In a statement, he said the album titled “Kafui” has a variety of content for consumers.

“There is something for everyone on this album ‘Kafui’, with the appealing combination of different musical styles all coming together on this album. Add a strong message to that mix, and you have something that makes you want to play this album (over and over) again,” the statement said.

The statement said the album title represents Stargo’s middle legal name and it tackles life, his musical journey and experiences.

“’Kafui’ being the rapper Stargo’s middle name tends to speak more on life and his journey on his musical path and also experiences that came with lessons where he drew passion from and helped compose the content of the album.”

This album is infused with more than 5 different genres of music, welcoming everybody to the dynamic, diversified side of him as an alternate artiste.

Rap, pop, rock, house, afrobeats and dancehall to name a few are collectively packed on this the 15 track album set to release on December 1.

“Things are improving for Stargo musically with each new offering, and ‘Kafui’ is certainly no exception. It’s a worthy addition to the Stargo catalogue, which has seen much evolution as of late,” the statement added.

Stargo album tracklist
Stargo album tracklist

Check out the tracklist below.

Track 1 – Welcome (Produced By B.B)

Track 2 – Trap  (Produced By Litokar Sancheni)

Track 3 – Boomerang  (Produced By Peeweezle)

Track 4 – Ahotor  (Produced By B.B & E.L)

Track 5 – Getaway Feat Pappy Kojo   (Produced By Peeweezle)

Track 6 – Bad Gal Feat Epixode   (Produced By Litokar Sancheni)

Track 7 – Dance Over Me  (Produced By Senyocue)

Track 8 – Mirror  (Produced By Mikemillsonem)

Track 9 – Bfbg   (Produced By E.L)

Track 10 – Fantabeerlo Feat Dblack & Shaker  (Produced By E.L)

Track 11 – On Dem (Produced By Essence Beats)

Track 12 – Interlude  (Produced By Gem)

Track 13 – Shipwreck  (Produced By Gem)

Track 14 – Immortal Dreams  (Produced By E.L)

Track 15 – Roger Miller (Bonus Track) (Produced By E.L)

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