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Someone compared M.anifest to Kendrick Lamar…but you need to see his reaction

M.anifest W27aniAba

Artistes comparison in showbiz especially in the rap fraternity, has existed long before we all came to know music — and it’s still ongoing.

A Twitter user whose name is ‘Paradox’ compared him to American Grammy Award winning rapper Kendrick Lamar and added that, he is his Ghanaian version.

Paradox wrote “The Kendrick Lamar of Ghana is about to drop a 💣Can’t wait for #Nowherecool
It’s gonna be 🔥 @manifestive”.

And in response, M.anifest gave us another reason to believe in ourselves no matter who we are instead of believing in others.

M.anifest quoted his tweet and said “The M.anifest of Ghana. Thank you kindly.”

Isn’t that brilliant?

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