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SHOCKER: 4 things you didn’t know about Rev. Agyinasare

Rev. Agyinasare

Renowned man of God Rev. Agyinasare in an interview with KKD on 21 Minutes came clean on his past life before priesthood and some of these revelations will leave you dumbfounded. 

Who would have thought even for a second that a revered Pastor like Rev.Agyinasare could have soiled himself with such rot? “He who is without sin should cast the first stone” as said by Jesus Christ in one of the famous accounts in the Bible is clearly an all size cap fit that fists all even those presumed pious.

We all have skeletons in our cupboards and to be bold enough to share is somewhat commendable. This is an indication that Jesus came for all even the worst in society. Enough of the preaching lets head straight to the subject matter:

1.Did you know Rev. Ayinasare was expelled from High School, its shocking right?

Joshua Highschool Dropout front large
High School Drop Out

2. He was a full-fledged Buddhist.

Buddhist monk

3.Aginasare in his pre evangelism days was a WOMANIZER. His good looks definitely did the trick.

rk bishop agyin asare
Rev. Agyinasare

4.Finally one last shocker, he also did drugs. Am I the only one seeing this? He practically engaged in all of society’s dreaded vices.

teenager drug addict with reddened eyes smoking a cigarette near the EBWY78

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