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Shatta Wale explains why he knelt and pleaded with IGP (WATCH)

Shatta Wale's phone to be returned
Shatta Wale’s phone to be returned

Dancehall artiste Charles Nii Armah Mensah, famously alluded to as Shatta Wale, clarifies why he bowed down to ask the IGP, George Dampare.

As per Shatta Wale, he went on his knees to request that the IGP permit performers to be who they are because that is their life as entertainers.

He whines about how some Ghanaians point fingers at them because of how they dress and act, even though most of them are mindful in the public arena.

Shatta Wale in handcuffs as police confirm his arrest
Shatta Wale in handcuffs as police confirm his arrest

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Why did Shatta Wale kneel and begged the IGP?

Asked why he knelt to beg the IGP, Shatta Wale disclosed that “for us to be who we are, for instance, I’m a musician, but when I dress like this to a place, someone might see me and say he is a rascal boy. Meanwhile, I have properties, and we are taking care of people; we are paying school fees. We are doing orphanage home programs, but because of the way I look, someone may see I’m not serious'”

Shatta Wale again stated that Ghanaians have a primitive culture that must change because technology has grown fast.

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He added that they respect the elders, and the elders must also respect them back.

“We respect our elders, our elders also need to respect that this is our time because the things that are happening now, the kids are showing us, we don’t know. I believe they should give us that chance to live our artistic lives.”

“I can’t pretend, I can’t say because of IGP, I have to wear coat and tie, I feel IG knows who I am. But our people see it to be disrespectful and say you are a rascal boy, but it is the job. This is my uniform,” he concluded.

Shatta wale was at the police headquarters and some entertainment industry persons to meet the IGP, George Dampare.

Watch Shatta Wale explain himself below.

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