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Shatta Michy’s racy photos: Give your culture some respect, woman!

Shatta Michy

We share with you another amazing piece by our regular contributor, Offei-Akoto Ayeh on Shatta Michy’s latest half-naked photos.

He wrote:

“So I was surfing the Internet to keep myself up to date on various happenings in the country yesterday, August 12. 

To my amazement, I saw a woman showing some flesh so I thought maybe Kim Kardashian had broken the Internet with one of her nudes.
But no, it was Shatta Michy, baby mama of “Kakai” hitmaker, Shatta Wale, who had pulled a Kim K on us with some racy photos.

My thoughts were that these were some paid for pictures and with the kind of pose (pushing her naked butt up high) the money was going to make-up for the shame she had caused herself, but that was not the case.

Although every adult is entitled to his/her life and cannot be questioned for their actions, I think mothers have and always have to exercise restraint in their actions.

In the Ghanaian culture, parents are seen as role models and mostly, children are seen in the light of their parents. Therefore, parents are careful of their actions thence preventing mockery of their children for their actions.

Parents do things meticulously to avoid their children been shamed at school and being pointed at in the wrong light.

But no, Shatta Michy was just selfish and thought of her fame rather than the welfare of her child in some years to come.

Shatta Michy as a mother never considered the kind of culture she finds herself in before going ahead to show off her butt to the world and a country that frowns on nudity.

Culture is the way of life a group of people live. It encompasses the food we eat, dresses and many other things. 

The Ghanaian culture is that which encourages ladies and gentlemen to be decent while being fashionable.

So I ask Shatta Michy what happened to “obaa kata wo ho sei”.
Yes, I believe in the dynamism of culture but when additions flout on morality, then much is left to be desired. Copying the “bad” aspect of people’s culture and trying to inculcate it into yours does you no good. 
The fact that you have stayed in Europe or America does not make you  European and you are no American. 

Your roots as a Ghanaian still exist and that sanity in our culture should always be held higher.”

David Mawulihttps://ghanafuo.com/author/mawulid/
Multiple award-winning entertainment journalist and founding editor at Ghanafuo.com – I have spent over a decade covering entertainment, gossips and lifestyle around the world. Follow me on my official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages: @davidmawuli

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