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Shatta Bandle, the latest viral sensation on social media

Shatta Bundle 1
Shatta Bundle

I love watching Shatta Bandle’s videos not because he bears Shatta Wale’s name. His videos might not be funny but he gets me quite emotional and hopeful.

I see a man who is trying to rise above some obvious physical challenges to cheer himself and others up. Nobody determines how he is born but how we decide to embrace the storms of life and swim across it is what makes one a survivor.

I have seen several people express disdain towards him and body shaming him. That in itself is shameful.

Shatta Bandle has neither offended nor abused anyone. You either join people in their apparent moments of joy or keep quiet. You never know the battles they fought to get to this point or the battles they are fighting.

The National Council on Persons with Disability (NCPD)  can sign on Shatta Bandle and use him to promote some social courses. Channel his energy and media presence into a useful voice of influence and advocacy.

My favorite quote from him is, “I am short but my pocket is tall”
Don’t let your appearance define your worth and wealth in this world.

Written by: Papa Jay El Capitano

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