Shanquella Robinson update: Have her friends been arrested?

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Even though Shanquella was discovered dead after around twenty-four hours of the cruelty, the online user thinks that her health must have deteriorated as a result of the serious brutality and injuries. The main scenario of bullying can be seen in the video when a friend can be heard supporting the bully.

Have Shanquella Robinson’s friends been arrested?

The pursuit of justice in the unfortunate death of 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson looks to be progressing for law enforcement. The public uproar to extradite and prosecute one of Robinson’s buddies in Mexico was covered in a previous article by Travel Noire.

According to rumors that Daejhanae Jackson has been detained in connection with the crime, such pleas may have been heard.

According to MetrópoliMx, Jackson was taken into custody by Interpol agents on the evening of November 28 after a Control Judge issued an arrest order for her for the crime of femicide.

Where are Shanquella Robinson’s friends now?

Jackson was taken into federal custody where she is currently awaiting the start of her extradition to Mexico process.

After Robinson passed away on October 29th, the friends went back to their homes in North Carolina without her body, which was eventually found by her family almost two weeks later.

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