Security guard orders fans to stop enjoying kickabout in Qatar

A security guard is seen interrupting a harmless kickabout in the stadium gardens. The guard stops fans from kicking the ball and instructs them to cease playing and move ahead.

The ban on beer and a clampdown on football chanting in Doha was followed today by killjoy World Cup officials banning football itself. Security guards ordered a group of football fans to end a kickabout on a patch of grass outside the Khalifa International Stadium.

Police began lining up alongside the kickabouts as their number of youths grew, and two security officials were ordered to step in and end the game which was played with a ball carrying the flags of each of the 32 nations competing in Qatar.

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Most of the youths who were not happy about the incident complained bitterly.

Mohamed Yunis, a 19-year-old youth from Tunisia said: “We played happily for only a few minutes. More and more fans joined and then walked off and were replaced by others. There were guys from India, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and others. Just having a good fun time.”

22-year-old Kumar Sarraisikan from Kerela added: “Football is for everyone. Not just the officials and players, but for the fans too. We caused them no problems, but Qatar security is ten-fold and then 20-fold no matter where you are in Doha. They spoilt a small game for us. But they do not realize what a cold message that sends to all.”

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However, the security official who halted the kickabout had this to say to the media: “No football here. Now you go too.”


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