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Scott Morrison tackle YouTube

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A fair or unfair tackle? PM of Australia and the boys.

In an almost hilarious soccer tournament between Scott and the kids, the Australian prime minister showed off his rugby skills in a cheerful game held in Tasmania, Australia. The children seemed to enjoy their time with their prime minister.

Scott Morrison’s tackle: What happened?

The PM accidentally tripped over a kid during a soccer tournament in Tasmania. Maybe he was mixed as to the rules of the game. Applying rugby tackles at a soccer kid’s tournament was not expected of the Prime Minister. The spectators made all sorts of sounds at Scott and the little boy.

According to Stuart Robert at the guardian, both PM and the little boy were in the error. We don’t see how the kid was in the wrong but it was clear, that Scott was not in the moment and he applied the wrong tools at the wrong game.

There’s more on YouTube, click the link to view and hear the cheers from the crowd as they register their concerns during the children’s soccer-rugby tournament.


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