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Who says gospel acts can’t do secular music? – Mayor The Bass Prophet on quitting gospel for secular music

Gospel singer Mayor The Bass Prophet switches to secular music, says gospel acts don’t get paid
Gospel singer Mayor The Bass Prophet switches to secular music, says gospel acts don’t get paid

Ghanaian gospel musician Mayor The Bass Prophet turns his back against the work of God as he switches from gospel music to secular music.

Mayor, who has been involved with numerous humanitarian works and known for going after politicians for doing the wrong thing, is protesting against his own fraternity and calling for a total overhaul.

He is leaving the gospel fraternity for two reasons; musicians are not paid well and there’s a misconception about people who secular music.

According to him, a lot of gospel musicians retire poor because they are not paid what they are due.

Announcing his exit from the gospel fraternity, he stated in a press statement: “I’m Mayor The Bass Prophet. I’ve officially announced myself as a secular musician because gospel artistes are not being paid well.”

“There’s a school of thought that gospel musicians are not supposed to be paid when they are invited to shows and concerts, all because they are doing it for God, and that their reward is in heaven.”

He continued: “Meanwhile, our (gospel musicians) pension scheme is what we receive at the moment. There’s no pension scheme elsewhere. We have to collect our monies now and save for the future.”

“While others are investing in banking, pension schemes and other sectors to save for the future, gospels musicians are left out. This is why they (gospel musicians) sometimes suffer at old age, and I don’t want to be a part of it.”

He argued that there’s nothing wrong with secular musicians doing gospel, and likewise. He said such misconceptions should be cleared from people’s mind.

“And who says gospel musicians can’t record secular music? And who says a secular musician can’t record gospel music? Kuami Eugene has a gospel song, and the late Ebony Reigns has a gospel song which people jam to them. Not every gospel music can be sung in church, but the messages they convey make them gospel music.”

“I’ve been playing live band, and all my life, I’ve sung secular music but that doesn’t make me evil. Gospel forms part of the entertainment. When you are in the church, you sing spiritual music (gospel), but when you come out, you jam to secular music.”

He concluded: “I stand against the notion that gospel musicians can’t do gospel music.”

Mayor is currently out with two new singles; “Benz Gift” and “Sorkorpii”.

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