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Saw-scaled vipers: Origin, instinctive behaviour, warning, venom

saw scaledviper
Saw-scaled Viper

Saw-scaled vipers is a small but fierce and aggressive.

Having roughly keeled lateral scales, and being exceedingly venomous are responsible for many deaths especially in India.

Saw-scaled vipers origin

The desert-dwelling vipers are found in most parts of North Africa and India to India.

What are a saw-scaled vipers instinctive behavior?

Saw-scaled vipers are aggressive in nature, lethal and that makes them very dangerous. When alarmed, saw-scaled vipers will move slowly with the body looped into S-shaped folds.

Do saw-scaled vipers warn us to stay away?

How they look alone is scary enough to tease people away from them.

How venomous are saw-scaled vipers?

The venom of Saw-scaled vipers affects the blood circulation. This venom is very toxic causing severe tissue and organ damage.

How long does it take before a saw-scaled vipers venom kills you?

It takes 75 minutes and as late as 27 hours after a bite 75.

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