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How Sarkodie’s mother-in-law stole our hearts at his wedding

Sarkodie hanging out with Tracy's mother
Sarkodie hanging out with Tracy’s mother

The mother-in-law of rapper Sarkodie looked totally stunning on their wedding day.

The mother of the newly wedded bride to Sarkodie, Tracy, almost beat everyone with her elegant appearance to the wedding and was just a smidgen close to matching up to her daughter but obviously couldn’t (or perhaps could, just jokingly stating).


Sarkodie and Tracy's wedding
Sarkodie and Tracy’s wedding

She made a very laudable fashion statement next to the bride; serving us the most regal bridal guest outfit to grace her daughters big day. She is definitely not your regular mother-in-law.

Sarkodie's mother-in-law at his wedding
Sarkodie’s mother-in-law at his wedding

Tracy’s mom came in through in a body fitting full-length gown with some beautiful patterns across the outfit.

The outfit came in a Cadet Blue 2 colour shade which popped out the melanin she is rich in.

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