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Sarkodie confirms beef with E.L on “Bossy”?

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Sarkodie and E.L

Ghanaians on social media are talking — and talking because Sarkodie has dropped another controversial track again.

E.L last year dropped controversial rap songs but the most talked about was his hit song “K.W.A.C” (king Without A Crown”. The song which fans say was a direct jab at Sarkodie created a silent beef (but never confirmed) between the two rappers.
Since then fans have been trying to decode lyrics from both artists looking for subliminal shots as no direct call-out was released from either party.
But Sarkodie’s latest track called “Bossy” has been trending since it dropped and fans have started reading meanings to them. 
Some analysis which suggest both rappers are beefing came from music lovers on social media especially Facebook. We got a few from you.
Facebook user Asheley Brobbey wrote:
“Let’s relate to this 🙃
El lines…king Without A Crown
Sark…..Im A King But Don’t Feel Like
I Got To Wear A Wearing Crown
El…I am the representation of hiphop
Hip hop from Africa
I am
The B.A.R
Sark…Is About The Emotions Bro
Fuck The BARS
I mean if we were talking real rap any day I will murder you
They talking about rappers and 
am left out…how?
Sesia ghana who is the fucking best now?
ofcos is me…got dem it.
Fuck a Nigga who don’t put me on top of the list Nigga suck on a dick
Any Nigga who compare a rapper to E.L can joke in the park and then piss i said it
All alo dis tortorfifi rappers can’t
touch me…
Wudi cadillac compare wu Corolla…
Wusi wa passe…which class and which course.
Who can be sicker than this? Nigga this is as sick as it gets
Nigga I’m sicker than this nowadays everybody is a critique in this
I no bore
U do more more shows let ur returns
be known
u diss me but u can’t defend your own
Wushia cooo but u pretend in phone…
And there noor jayso tone his voice like El…
Was like y33!”
David Mawuli also wrote:
“You see the thing.. Before Opana go drop ‪#‎Bossy‬, he praised all the best rappers/acts (check his Twitter) and included the gang leader. It was a trick. He played smart by taking his mind off the beef.

But when he started his first verse, he fired straight at him saying “Mehn am stressed out/They talking about rappers and am left out/How/Conversations from my next house/Sesei Ghana who the f**king best now?/Of course is me/Goddammit.” He claimed to be the best because he was crowned the “Best Rapper” at VGMA wey the T Taller come out say he or Omar deserved it.

Then he made his intentions clear by letting him know that the beef go be bloody. That be why he talk say “The shit (beef) is really gonna be scary”.

After that, he come attack Taller’s KWAC and claimed he is a king but don’t feel he got to wear crown. He reiterated saying “that was a clear sound” in case he didn’t hear him.

He didn’t end it there. He fired another shot saying that Mr Taller drops bars from his jaw not his heart. Then he rubbished his BAR mixtapes saying rappers like B.I.G, Jay Z, and NAS drop bars based on emotions not jaw so “F**k the B.A.R.S”.

Then he pointed out that Mr T Taller diss him but he can’t defend his own. He pretends when he meets and calls him on phone.

Finally all other rappers including the Slowking Tone (hihihihi) also get their share. He called them “Tortorfiifii” rappers.

Chai…I didn’t type this ooo..I don’t write pidgin..It’s my laptop so don’t bring your cutlasses here otherwise it will be scary too. And please I didn’t mention names.
#‎Ghanafuo‬ ‪#‎YourSayMatters‬”

Elvisson Kofi Komfanko wrote:

Nharnah Adjoa Bruce wrote:

Winter Marlis wrote:

So we ask, has Sarkodie confirmed their beef or is there even a beef between the two?

Share your views with us below.

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